Ball King


Become the king of the basketball court


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Ball King is a 2D basketball game where you only have to worry about the most fun part of the game: shooting baskets.

The gameplay in King Ball is as simple as it is fun: tap the screen and slide slightly downward to draw an oval in the direction of the ball. Moving your finger across the screen, you can vary the curve of the ball, and you'll have to use this to try to land the ball in the basket. It's not easy, though, as every time you take a shot the basket will move.

There are two game modes: challenge and time trial. In the first, you shoot until you miss. In the second, you have sixty seconds to make as many shots as you can. In this mode, remember that each miss subtracts a point, and each clean basket gives you three more seconds.

You can unlock lots of extras with the money that you earn. There are more than 30 different balls (shaped like a heart, globe, etc.), and you can also buy new scenarios.

Ball King is a fun and addictive basketball game. It's one of those games that stands out precisely because of its simplicity.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher

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